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America's Homelessness Crisis

May 23, 2018

Currently creating a news documentary series exploring America's homelessness crisis.     


Photo: Pictured with actor and activist Justin Baldoni, founder of  The Skid Row Carnival of Love.


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Thank you for visiting my web site. I am an award winning journalist and producer with more than 15 years of experience. I also work as a lifestyle model and creative corporate branding and personal development consultant.


Powerful communication can create moments in time that connect us closer to humanity. I am here to be of service and shine a light on deserving people, causes and events so that we can learn how to grow together in the best way possible. My focus is on do good content that enlightens and inspires action.        


Effective storytelling and messaging is a team game. I am forever grateful to so many people, including ABC World News Tonight Anchor Peter Jennings, TV Host Dick Clark and Former Vice President of the United States Al Gore for saying "yes" to me and my ideas, thus giving me my first jobs in media. I got to learn among top leaders and I get to now share these skills with my peers and audience.   


I love being a student of life and I want nothing more than for us to experience this epic journey together.  Let's be real, get messy, and share our exponential greatness. 

Crystal Fambrini Broadcaster

Crystal Fambrini Broadcaster

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